Choosing images

Choosing the right images is one of the most important parts of setting up your website's content.

Good images that make an impact really can decide the success, or failure, of your website. It doesn't matter what you are selling or what message you are trying to portray, good images are everything.

There's far too much information about images for one article, so we've collected a number of online resources from around the internet about good images and how to get them.

Stock photography sellers

There are many websites around the internet that sell high quality, professionally taken images. The cost of these images varies anywhere from £1 to £100. Please refer to the Theme Notes for your website so that you know the correct sizes that you need to buy.




There are hundreds of stock photography websites available, a quick search on Google will show them to you.

Stock photographs can be useful for category images or home page/gallery images but aren't really much use for your product images.


Many product suppliers will supply high quality and high resolution images that you can use and place around your website (as well as on product pages) so, if you haven't already, you should contact your suppliers and ask them what images they can provide.

External advice on images

We've collected some advice articles on the importance of good imagery on websites from around the internet, but we could have easily listed 10 or 100 times as many. Take a good look around Google to view more guides.