Image quality

It isn't rocket science, but it is incredibly important.

Image Size

The bigger and better your product images are, the more sales you'll make. Customers like to see big, high quality images on a website and directly correlate the quality of images with the quality of products and the business.

Take a look at this recent study on image size, it found that larger images increased conversion rates by 9.46%.


Along with size and quality, another important factor is image background. Using similar backgrounds, sizes, angles and picture sizes creates a more harmonious and higher quality experience for your website visitors.

A good example can be found at FiftyThree where they use the same gradient background to produce a seamless result when moving between images...

How to take photos with a good background

If you're taking product photos yourself, consider investing in a lightbox like the one illustrated below.

Positioning the light at the same level, and the camera at the same distance from the box, will help you to produce a consistent result across all of your images.

If you can't get the backgrounds right, no matter how hard you try, and can't afford for a professional photographer to take the shots for you, then consider framing the products in a lifestyle setting like this great example from Not On The High Street.

Take a consistent approach

Again a very important part of your approach to product images is consistency. Plan your images carefully, draw up guidelines and stick to them.

Consistency across images is hugely important. Its no good if you have a category page cluttered with images of all different backgrounds, sizes and shapes.

Consider again the Not On The High Street website. This site is a good example because they feature products from hundreds of different merchants

In the example above, there are 6 images with products from 6 different merchants, but all of the images look consistent. This is because Not On The High Street place a huge emphasis on a consistent approach to images, and image quality.

Another good example is from Pure Fix Cycles

All the images have a white background, all are the same size and shape.

If you can't be consistent then at least make sure your images flow correctly as in the example below from Elizabeth Bower.

Image sizes

Our system works to resize product images for you automatically. (Please note that this is different to aspect ratios explained in this article).

So we ask that you upload your images in the highest quality that you have. Limits do apply though, please read here for details.

This way, you can be sure you're getting the best result with the maximum size.