Image sizes

One of the most common questions that we're asked is 'what size image do I use for XXX'. Our answer is, under normal circumstances, to upload as large an image as possible and to let our system do the rest.

We also answer that your attention shouldn't be solely focused on image size, the aspect ratios of your images is as, if not more, important. Making sure your images match the aspect ratio of your image containers is vital.

In your theme's notes we will have included some of the dimensions for your products so that you do have a guide as to what sizes and aspect ratios to use.

To view your theme notes click 'themes' from the left hand menu and then the 'theme notes/read me first' link (as indicated on the screenshot below).

We Can Help!

If you need more information about what size images to upload onto your website or any assistance with image sizes then please contact us.