Buyer confidence

A lack of buyer confidence, or 'purchase anxiety' as its more technically known, is a type of conversion killer. Read some top tips below on how to reduce the purchase anxiety of your customers.

Create a detailed about us page

Let your potential buyers know who you are. A detailed about us page with photos of you and your team will add the all important personal touch.

Business owners often ask how they can compete with giants like Amazon. The answer is to differentiate yourself from them. You're never going to be able to compete on range and will find it difficult to compete on price, but you can compete on personality.

People buy from people, so remind them that there are real people behind your website.

Make some guarantees

We're not talking about the nonsense guarantees that many of us are all too familiar with but genuine and reasonable guarantees.

UK sellers are already bound by the Distance Selling Regulations to offer no quibble refunds so why not shout about it and make it a selling point.

Satisfaction guaranteed is one of the most important things a buyer looks for, so offering to pay for return shipping is a great way to guarantee your users that they won't be out of pocket for giving your product a try.

Change your wording

Correctly worded buttons are crucial to success. A 'make your payment now' may add a little too much urgency to the situation when compared to 'proceed to payment'.

Also think about adding reassuring adjectives into buttons to such as 'proceed to fast checkout' or 'make secure payment'.

Find out more about changing the text of your buttons here.

Use soft add to cart

Customer anxiety can spike if, having added an item to their basket, they are taken immediately to the shopping basket page. Their commitment to consider buying a product has instantly turned into a commitment to buy so consider using the soft add to cart feature to instead allow your customer to continue browsing.