Ease of checkout

Simplifying and streamlining the checkout process for your customers can lead to a good increase in the conversion rate of your website.

A few common causes of checkout abandonment are explained below:

Unexpected or unclear shipping costs

If you don't have a clear delivery policy and your customers are hit with a delivery charge they weren't expecting (a recent study found that as much of 30% of online shoppers now expect all sites to offer a free shipping option) then your customers can easily make the decision to buy elsewhere.

Read this guide on how you can offer free shipping to your customers without having a negative impact on your profit line.

Unnecessary checkout steps

All our checkouts use exactly the same formula.

If you're currently taking customers to a login page during checkout we'd recommend reading our article Should I make customers create an account before checking out?

Poor choice of payment gateway

When choosing a payment gateway you should consider a few important aspects:

i) How easy is it for a customer to enter their card details. A poorly designed or complicated payment gateway can lead to drop-outs

ii) Well known Gateway. Ever heard of Eazy Payment Solutions? No? Not before you got their sales call and signed up with them? Well if you haven't heard of them then neither will your customers. Consider switching to a known gateway like WorldPay or Barclaycard.

Offer PayPal

Yes PayPal can be expensive for you but many customers like to pay with PayPal. It inspires confidence. Consider offering PayPal as an alternative to your normal payment gateway.

Use live chat

Live chat can be a great way to answer your customer's questions in real-time.