Monitoring conversions

Before you can begin on a campaign to increase conversions on your website, you'll need to start monitoring your existing conversions. You may already be doing so, but if you're not then we recommend that you start monitoring conversions immediately.

Recommended actions:

1. Setup Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google for monitoring visitor behaviour (including conversions) on your website. You can setup Google Analytics easily. Here's a guide to setting up Google Analytics.

2. Setup Ecommerce Tracking on Google Analytics
As part of the Google Analytics suite of tools you can setup something called 'Ecommerce Tracking' which is where you can get information in your Google Analytics account of all transactions that go through your website including the products purchased and the order totals. Here's a guide to setting up Ecommerce Tracking.

3. Setup Conversion Tracking
If you're using online advertising methods like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads you can place some tracking code on the order confirmation page on your website which means that when an order is generated through one of these methods, you can track it in your Adwords (or similar) account. Here's a guide to setting up conversion tracking.

4. Setup Goals in Google Analytics
Goals are a great way to track actions on your site (not just purchases). Things like enquiries or viewers going to a specific page should all be tracked. Here's a quick video about Goals.

Google Analytics have produced a great set of help articles about what Goals do and how to use them. Please review it by reading here.