Product detail

Insufficient, inaccurate or poor product information or images can be one of the most common reasons why customers don't end up adding a product to their shopping basket. As we saw in our article about the Conversion Funnel increasing the percentage of customers that add a product to your basket can have a significant impact on your conversion rates.

So its important to make sure that your product information is as good as it can be. Some small changes can have a massive impact on conversion rates.

Product imagery

Poor product images is a killer. Its true that for some types of products/business the images you display aren't that important (for example if you are selling screwdrivers to trade) but most of our customers have visual products. Don't forget that all of us 'buy with our eyes' so poor product images will lead to fewer sales and a failing (or failed) ecommerce business.

What can you do? If you feel that your images could be harming your website we'd recommend that you read the following articles:

Image Quality

Aspect Ratios

Product descriptions

Product descriptions are the second most important aspect of your product's page (after images) so make sure that each of your products' descriptions is:

• Sufficiently detailed
• Doesn't have basic spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes (which can seriously erode customer confidence in the quality of your business)
• Don't use too much jargon
• Don't use overly exaggerated statements like 'state of the art' or 'blast the competition'
• Not using a call to action - your product descriptions should include a statement like 'Buy now' or 'Purchase online today'

Social proof

Social proof is a new term for testimonials or product reviews.

Having reviews on your product pages from real customers who have bought and used the product (or including testimonials from your customers describing how great your shipping times are or how excellent your customer service is) provides the 'proof' to your customers that other people have bought your products and are using them.

What can you do? Well if you don't already have product reviews enabled on your account we'd recommend that you do.

You should then create a new order status of 'completed' or similarly worded which also has an automatic email configured. The content of this email, when sent to the customer, will then invite the customer to leave a review for their purchases.

Using product videos

Product videos can also be a great way to demonstrate your products to your customers. A lot of the time you will find videos for your products on YouTube or similar sites, so you won't have to record your own, or you could contact your suppliers and ask them if they have any.

We realise that not everyone's comfortable in front of the camera - or has the budget to get a professional video created - but product videos can be an excellent selling tool.