Email marketing

Email marketing is the use of emails to directly communicate a marketing message to a group of recipients.

Broadly speaking email marketing can be split into 2 categories:

• Sending emails to subscribers
• Sending emails to non-subscribers

Subscribers would be defined as a person who has specifically opted in to receive email marketing messages from your company.


• The marketing message is delivered immediately to the recipient
• An exact return on investment can be tracked
• Significantly cheaper than other forms of direct marketing (such as mail shots or telemarketing)
• A substantial number of emails can be sent in one go
• Over half of the UK population check emails at least once a day


• Deliverability of emails can be poor with an estimated average 44% of messages not being delivered to the recipient's email
• Email users are growing increasingly frustrated with the large amount of SPAM emails received
• UK & EU law imposes limitations on the types of email marketing messages that can be sent and the recipients

Building a subscriber list

An email marketing message, when delivered to a targeted set of recipients (such as previous customers), can be enormously powerful.

We therefore strongly encourage you to build a subscriber list from your existing customers, people who contact you to ask questions about your products, and those who opt in to receive your newsletters.

Please Note!

In your account you can click 'marketing' from the left hand menu and then 'newsletter subscribers' to get a list of all subscribers to your newsletters or customers that have opted into marketing messages. Read more about this here.

Sending your messages

We recommend using Mailchimp which is a free service (for up to 2000 subscribers). They have an excellent range of free email template designs that you can use to send your message or you can design your own.

You can monitor deliverability and performance of the campaigns you run.

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