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Social Media Marketing

General Information

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, the list of social networks with hundreds of millions of users is a long one. And the UK is amongst the very top when it comes to the percentage of the population using social media.

By creating content that users want to share with their social media connections, or by generating 'chatter' on social media about a particular product for sale you can get enormous exposure for your site. The resulting 'electronic word of mouth' that spreads is often thought to have more impact than a traditional advertising message because it comes from a trusted source (i.e. a friend or work colleague) rather than directly from the company that it relates to.

We've put together an introductory list of online resources below that provide information, tips and techniques in how to utilise this advertising medium effectively.






Using Voucher/Discount Codes Effectively

A voucher code is a code that people can enter into a form on your website, whilst checking out, to receive a discount from the usual price for a particular product, or their whole shopping basket. You can find out about how to create voucher codes on your store by reading this help article.

Voucher codes are a great way to drive sales on your site or push a particular product.

Why voucher codes are great to use

Everyone loves a bargain!

They're easy to promote - just a simple code is easy to pass from person to person and easy to display on advertising medium like PPC adverts.

They're easy to share - its easy for a visitor to share the voucher code with their connections on social media.

They're easy to create - our voucher code tool is incredibly powerful yet simple to use.

They're easily tracked - its easy to see how many people have used a code and so you can test different ones to see which produce the best results.

They can increase average spend - give a voucher code of 10% off if you spend more than £75 and you'll see your average order value increase.

Voucher code drawbacks

They reduce margin - a voucher code of 10% off can take a big chunk off your profits.

Customers may delay their purchase - a voucher code box on your site can increase checkout drop out rates as a potential customer goes off searching the internet for a voucher code for your store and forgetting about their original purchase (or worse still, finding a competitors voucher code and buying from them instead).

How you can use voucher codes

To acquire new customers
Using voucher codes to acquire new customers can significantly reduce your acquisition cost as long as you get the offer right!

Attract repeat customers
Once a customer has made a purchase on your store, how often do they come back and buy again? If their order confirmation email offered them a 10% discount off their next purchase, they're more likely to come back.

Promote high margin products
High margin products are great for voucher codes, because a 5 or 10 percent discount doesn't hit you as hard. Use voucher codes to promote high margin products and boost sales.

Appease disgruntled customers
What better way to appease an angry customer than offer them a discount on their next purchase from you.

Popular types of voucher codes

XX off your first order
Attract new customers by giving them a discount off their first order from you.

Free delivery
Many customers want, and demand, free delivery. Offering a free delivery voucher can be a great way to attract a new sale.

XX off an order over XX
Persuade a customer to order more from your store in order to get a certain discount.

Voucher codes on your website

Voucher codes are an incredibly important tool for any ecommerce website. That's why we have one of the most comprehensive voucher code systems available. It's incredibly easy to use and all our accounts can create as many voucher codes as they want free of charge.

Find out more about creating and managing voucher codes here.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is a form of advertising that embeds an image or graphic into a website page. A banner advert is intended to attract visitors to one website, from another, by the visitor clicking on the advert. Banner advert publishers charge for displaying adverts with a variety of different charging structures, for example pay per click, pay per impressions (i.e. the number of times the advert is shown to a user), pay per month.

Other forms of banner advertising include banner exchanges where you place an advert on your website in return for somebody placing one of your adverts on their site.

Find a publisher

As with pay per click advertising, there are a number of advertising networks where you can pay to have your advert displayed on a collection of sites.

You can search around the internet to find information websites or discussion groups that will display your adverts (as long as your products are relevant to their audience).


We believe in using a broad range of medium for any successful advertising campaign however we believe that your expectations for banner advertising should be low and that banner advertising should be used for brand awareness rather than direct sales.