Receiving payments via GoCardless

If you're accepting orders through your store where the customer doesn't have to make payment through a payment gateway, what's known as 'offline payment', you may be interested in using GoCardless for taking payment from your customers via Direct Debit.

What is GoCardless?

GoCardless is a simple but effective way to take payment from your customers via Direct Debit.

GoCardless is free and quick to setup. Transaction charges are very low, 1%, and capped at a maximum of £2 per transaction. If you sign up for an account using the link below then you'll get £50 free credit.

How does it work?

You will provide your customers with a link to GoCardless. When clicked, your customers will be taken to the GoCardless website where they will be asked to enter their bank account details.

The information entered by your customers is entered over a secure socket layer (SSL) connection and GoCardless access the Direct Debit network through the Royal Bank of Scotland. So it is very secure.

Using GoCardless on your website

If you allow your customers to complete their payment offline, GoCardless could be the ideal solution for you.

You can setup your customer account email so that once your customer does create an account they can be automatically emailed a link to sign up to GoCardless and create a Direct Debit authorisation for payments to you.

When the customer places an order, you would then be able to login to your GoCardless account and take payment from their bank account through the Direct Debit.

Giving your customers access to GoCardless

1. Once you've created your account on GoCardless you'll need to click 'customers' from the left hand menu

2. And then 'add' from the right hand side

3. A pop-up window will then appear. Click 'from link' on the left hand side.

4. On the right hand side under 'Direct Debit authorisation link' a unique link for your account will be displayed.

5. Make a note of this link.

6. You'll need to decide which customers have access to payment offline and receive instructions to setup the Direct Debit.

7. Once you've decided, you can then place this link in the emails that are sent to your customers once they register for an account. You may prefer to only email this link to certain customers (in which case you'll need to do it manually).

The customer should be asked to click this link and setup a Direct Debit authorisation to you so that when they complete an order through your website for payment offline, you'll be able to collect the payment via GoCardless.

Find out how to edit the email here.


You can restrict your customers to only be able to submit 'offline payment' orders if they have setup GoCardless (you'll need to have the trade accounts feature enabled on your account and use the credit accounts tool to do so). For more information please read the article on offline payment here.