An introduction to meta tags

Every website page is brought together by computer code.

Along with the computer code that decides how a website page is displayed on a screen, extra code is included in the page. Some of this code is called 'meta tags'.

Meta tags are used by search engines when determining how to display your website in search engine results, and to a much lesser extent, where your website is placed in results for a particular keyword or key phrase.

We give you control over the meta tags used by search engines, and we've written some articles in order to tell you how best to use the tools we provide.


Our system creates these meta tags for pages on your website automatically, but you can edit them yourself if you want to. You'll need to install the SEO APP in order to do so.

On every page where you can manage the meta information you'll see a box that looks like the screenshot below.

You'll notice that we provide a handy preview at the top of the box to show you how the page will be displayed in search engine results.

In any of these 4 boxes you can enter the text that you'd like to display or leave them blank to use our default settings.