Choosing a shipping company

You don't have to limit your choice of a shipping company to just one, you could (and probably should) offer more than one delivery method to your customers. Here's a few tips and pointers to consider when choosing a shipping company.

Type of products

Make sure that the type of products that you sell won't stop you using a particular company - for instance if you're selling food supplements or perfumes. Some carriers don't ship very expensive or fragile items either.

Customer location

Where are your customers located? Are they wholly UK based or do you ship internationally? If you ship internationally then where to? (Different carriers have different coverage around the world).

You should also consider where your UK customers are based. Do you have a high number in the Scottish Highlands & Islands? Or are they all within England?


Speed is an important consideration for your customers when choosing whether to buy from you so you should check to make sure your carrier can offer a next day delivery service.

Online tracking

Customers like to be able to track their order online, see where it is and what time it will come to them. Customers also don't like having to wait in all day for a delivery (when given a time like 8am - 6pm). Some carriers now offer much more precise timings for delivery like Interlink Express.


Not all carriers provide insurance so make sure to check that your chosen one does, if this is important to you.


Shipping prices can be an enormous factor for your customers when making the decision of whether to purchase from you.