Custom contact form

If you'd like visitors to your website to be able to complete a contact form, the results of which are then sent to you by email, you'll need to create a custom contact form.

1. The form action should be the URL of the page that you are creating the form to display on, e.g.

<form action="/some-url-here">

The method attribute should be post, e.g.


You can include enctype="multipart/form-data" if the form includes a field for your users to upload a file.

For example,

<form action="/some-url-here" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

2. Fields in the form can be constructed in normal HTML, e.g.

<input name="email_address" type="text">

3. If including a file attachment within the form this must have a name of "attachment", e.g.

<input name="attachment" type="file">

4. You must also include the following code within the <form> tag

{{ shopwired.custom_form({ 
    'to_email': '', 
    'from_email': '', 
    'redirect_url': '', 
    'subject': '' 
}) }}

to_email is the email address you want to receive the email at

from_email is the email address that the email should be sent from

subect is the subject line of the email that is generated once the form is completed

redirect_url is the URL that your visitor should be redirected to once they complete the form

success_message can be set instead of a redirect_url in order to keep the user on their current page

for example

{{ shopwired.custom_form({ 
    'to_email': '', 
    'from_email': '', 
    'redirect_url': '/thanks', 
    'subject': 'new website enquiry' 
}) }}