Shopping basket

The checkout/basket view hosts several forms relating to the different functions of the shopping basket page.

1. A form to update the quantities of items in the basket
2. A form to apply a voucher/gift card code
3. A form to submit to the checkout/address page

Updating the items in the basket

The items in the basket should be surrounded with a form where the action attribute is set to /checkout/basket.

Each item in the basket should have a text field where the name attribute is set to quantity[x] where x is the id of the item in the basket and the value is set to the item's current quantity.

<input type="text" name="quantity[{{ }}]" value="{{ item.quantity }}">

A button of type="submit" is used to submit the amended quantity.

Applying a voucher code

To apply a voucher code, a text input of name="voucher_code" should be surrounded with a form where the action attribute is set to /checkout/basket, and a button of type="submit" to submit the form.

<form action="/checkout/basket" method="post">
    <input name="voucher_code" placeholder="enter your voucher code">
    <button type="submit">Apply</button>

Proceeding to checkout

To proceed to checkout, the user must select a delivery rate (which is a platform requirement).

The form's action attribute should either be set to /checkout/address or /checkout/login depending on the checkout path you want the website visitor to take, e.g.

<form action="/checkout/address" method="post">
    <!-- Delivery Selection Here -->
    <button type="submit">Checkout</button>
    <button type="submit" name="paypal_express" value="1">Checkout With PayPal</button>

A button of type="submit" submits the checkout form but you can also include a button where the name attribute is paypal_express and value is 1 to submit the checkout process to PayPal Express.

Instructions on how to correctly render a section allowing the user to choose their delivery rate can be found here.