The blog.twig view hosts the blog page. This page lists all of the blog posts currently active within the account.

The blog_page template

By using a blog_page template, you can map out a template for the blog.twig and blog_post.twig views to extend.

The blog object

The view has access to the blog object to display blog posts such as the post title, thumbnail image or author.

Individual blog posts will usually be rendered using a blog_posts.twig partial.

The number of posts shown on the blog home page is a blog setting which is set on the view posts page in the account.

Filter by category or archive

Blog posts on an account can be placed into a category.

Blog posts belonging to a specific category can be viewed at the blog category URL (described here under the heading blog categories).

Similarly, blog posts in each month can be viewed at the blog archive URL (described here under the heading blog archives).

Blog search

The blog page can host a blog search form to enable a visitor to search through blog posts by keyword.

The blog search form is described here.