The checkout_success.twig view hosts the payment confirmation page of your website, displayed to the customer once they successfully place their order.

As a basic implementation, the checkout success page should display a message to the user confirming that their payment was successful and that their order has been confirmed.

To detect if an order has been successfully placed you can check that {% if order %} returns true, e.g.

{% if order %}
        Your payment was successful and your order has been confirmed.
{% endif %}

You can use the order object to display details about the order.

We'll automatically include any conversion tracking scripts entered into the account when this page loads.

Offline payment method

When an order is submitted using the offline payment method, they'll be transferred to this page.

You can display the offline order confirmation text set on the account using {{ confirmation_text|raw }}.

The variable offline will return true if the user completed the order using the offline payment method.