A paid order isn't showing on my orders panel, what should I do?

When an order is submitted on your website by a customer (before they make payment) it is stored on our database.

Our system then awaits notification from your payment gateway (e.g. PayPal, Barclaycard) that the customer has made payment successfully. Once the notification is received, our system then marks the order as 'paid' and it will appear on the orders page in the admin system.

Unfortunately sometimes there can be a 'blip' in either our system, or the payment gateway's system, and the order might not be marked as paid automatically. In this case you'll be able to manually mark the order as paid in your account

1. Click 'orders' from the left hand menu and then 'view unpaid orders'.

2. All the unpaid orders on your website will then be displayed.

3. Next to each order will you'll see a 'mark as paid' button.

To mark an order as paid, you just need to click this button and it will then appear on your normal 'orders' page for you to manage.