Calculating delivery rates based on order totals before discounts are applied

By default, when deciding what delivery rates to display to customers, we'll determine the rates based on the total of the shopping basket including any discounts applied (like voucher codes).

For example, consider the following scenario:

i) Your customers get free delivery if they spend over £99
ii) The customer has £100 in their basket
iii) A voucher code is applied to get 10% off, the customer"s order total is now £90
iv) The customer can no longer get free delivery

You may want to change this setting so that the customer will still get free delivery (i.e. the system looks as the total the customer spends, before any discounts are applied).

Changing the setting

Select 'checkout' from the left menu and then 'delivery rates'.

Click the button in the top right corner labelled 'delivery settings'.

A new window will appear (as shown in the example below).

Change the setting to 'the product sub total excluding any discounts'.

Click 'save changes' when you're done.

We'd recommend that you test your checkout after changing this setting to ensure that it is working as expected.