Can I export my orders into a spreadsheet?

To download your orders navigate to the orders page in the management system and follow the instructions below.

1. When viewing the orders page click the 'export' button in the top right of the screen.

2. A popup window will then appear.

You'll need to select the date range for the orders you want to download.

You can use the buttons at the top or alternatively enter custom dates in the 'date from' and 'date to' boxes.

3. Next select whether you want to include details of the products ordered for each order. If you do then tick the box, if you don't (and only need the order totals) you can untick the box.

4. Finally you can select the status of orders you want to export, this is in case you only want to export orders that have a particular status like 'dispatched' or 'cancelled'.

You can select 'all' from this list to download all orders.

5. Click the 'prepare your export' button when you're ready and wait for the export to process.

When its finished you'll be shown a 'download your export' button clicking here will download the export to your computer's hard drive.