Can I give my trade customers credit accounts?

The 'credit account' feature on our system doesn't, in itself, have any function. However it can be combined with the offline payment method so that you only offer offline payment, as a payment method, available to those that you have made have a 'credit account'.

If you are happy for any of your customers to checkout offline, you won't really need to use the 'credit account' feature, but if you only want trade customers with credit accounts to have access to the offline payment feature then follow the instructions below.

When adding/editing a trade account, scroll to the bottom section and select 'yes' from the 'credit account' tick box.

Next you'll need to make sure you have setup the offline payment method and made it available on your website.

Finally, you'll need to change your website's theme settings so that only customers that have credit accounts can checkout using the offline payment method.

Changing your theme's settings

Click 'themes' from the left hand menu and then 'theme settings' for the theme that you'd like to change.

Scroll to the 'offline payment' section and tick the box shown below.

Save your changes and then test the checkout to make sure that its working how you expect.