Can I receive order notifications to more than one email address?

To receive notifications of a new order to more than one email address, you'll need to create something called a 'forwarder' email account.

A forwarder email account is a special type of email account which automatically forwards any emails sent to it to another email address (or multiple email addresses).

You'll need to contact your email provider and ask them to setup a forwarder email account. You should ask them to setup the forwarder account to forward emails sent to it to the 2 (or more) email addresses you'd like to receive the order notifications to.

Once you have setup this forwarder email account, and tested that it is working (by sending a test email to it), you can then go to the 'email notifications' page of the management system and enter the email address.

1. Click 'settings' from the left hand menu, then 'website emails' and then 'email notifications'.

2. Find the 'order confirmation' email and click on it.

3. Enter the forwarder email address you've created in the 'email recipient' field.