How can I display a file on my products?

Sometimes you may want to display a file on a particular product (such as a specification sheet). We've included some instructions on how to do this below:

1. First you'll need to upload the file in the file manager section of your account. (You can read some instructions here).

2. Next decide what type of link you want on your product, do you want a text link or an icon

Our recommendation is to have both (like in the example above). If you only have an icon on its own then your users won't necessarily know what clicking on the icon will do.

3. Now you'll need to get your HTML code for the file.

Linking to a file with text

Linking to a file with an icon

Once you've got your code you'll need to add it to your product description. You can do so by editing the product description and clicking the HTML icon on the CMS.

When you click the html icon (indicated above) the display of the CMS will change and you'll now be able to see the HTML code.

Place your cursor where you want the icon/text link to go and paste in the HTML code.

Save your changes and go to the product page on your website to check how its displaying. If its not working properly or how you want it and you feel you need more help then please contact us.