How can a visitor create a trade account?

If you have the trade accounts feature enabled on your website, you may want visitors to your website to be able to apply or open a trade account themselves (without you manually creating a trade account for them).

In order to do so, these visitors will need to complete the trade account application form on your website.

This form is available at (substitute '' for your actual domain name).

We don't include a link to this page in your website's menu by default, and it won't automatically be present when you activate the trade accounts feature/app on your account. Instead you'll need to manually add in the link to this page into your website's menu(s). The instructions below describe how to do this.

Linking to this form

Firstly, you'll need to decide which of your menu or menus you want to include the link to this page in. Your website will likely have a few menus to choose from, some will be in the header (at the top) of the website, others will be in the footer (at the bottom) of the website, and you may have a side menu on certain pages as well (like in the example below).

All of your website's menus are managed through our link lists feature.

Select 'website' from the left menu and then 'link lists'

Your website's menus will then be displayed.

Click the menu that you want to add the link into and a new page will display (as shown on the screenshot below).

Scroll to the 'configure the links' section and to the bottom of that section and click the 'add another' link.

In the 'link name' box you should enter what the actual menu text will be, something like 'Apply For A Trade Account'.

From the 'links to' menu you should select 'ecommerce page' and from the drop down menu select 'trade application' (it's about two thirds down the list).

You'll now have something that looks like the attached.

You can use the arrow icon to drag and drop the menu item into a new position if you want to.

When you are finished click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page and check the menu on your website to make sure that the menu item has appeared and is linking through to the correct page.

Please Note!

When a visitor completes this form they won't automatically be given a trade account, instead you'll need to activate their account by reviewing their application through the management system. For more information please see the 'managing trade accounts' section by clicking here.