How can I change my website's domain name?

If you would like to change the domain name that your website uses, you should complete the steps below.

For this article, we'll assume that you want to keep your current (which we'll now refer to as your 'old') domain name pointing at your website, and make your new domain name the 'main' domain name on your account.

1. You'll need to make sure that you have changed the DNS settings on your new domain name to point to our servers by following the guidance in this help article.

2. You should also complete email verification for the new domain name by following the guidance in this help article.

3. If necessary, don't forget to change the notification and sender email addresses for your website's outgoing emails by following the instructions in this help article.

4. Next, you'll need to change the domain name that's entered into your account from your old to your new one, this is described here.

5. Finally, you'll want to change your old domain name so that it becomes a 'web forwarding' domain name and instead of pointing directly at our servers, it points at your new domain name. This will need to be done where the domain name is registered (it can't be done from within your account with us). For support changing your domain to be a web forwarding domain name please contact your domain registrar.

If you need any assistance with these steps then please get in touch.