How can I change the products on an order?

If you'd like to edit the products within an order and/or the delivery rate chosen by the customer, click the 'click to edit' link shown at the top of the products ordered section.

On clicking this link, all of the details on the order will be editable.

If you don't need to make any changes to the customer details you can skip this section.

Existing products within the order can be deleted and new products added using the same interface as when creating an order.

If you make any changes to the products in the order the delivery rate chosen will be reset and you'll need to choose this again.

The edited order will not inherit the same status as the existing order, instead it will either be 'paid' or 'unpaid'.

When you've finished making your edits you can click the 'create order' button at the bottom of the page.

Things to note

When you edit an order and click the 'create order' button the old order (before the edits) will remain in the system but it's status will be changed to 'cancelled'.

At the top of the old order we'll display a note, similar to the one shown below, to indicate the order that has superseded it.

If you're using the platform to manage stock for your items, any products not present on the new order will have their stock returned to the system.

On finalising the edits on the order (by clicking the 'create order' button) the customer will be sent a new order confirmation email.

The edited order will have the same reference number as the old order.

When you click to edit an order, the following may not be reloaded if those options/items are no longer available on your account (i.e. have been deleted or changed):

- Products
- Product options chosen (variations, product choices, product extras)
- The delivery rate
- Any voucher codes applied