How can I control what text Google displays about my website in search results?

For every page on your website that is indexed in Google's search results, Google store's particular information to display to users.

Looking at the example above, the text that you can control is indicated by arrows 1 and 2

Arrow 1 is the title tag

Arrow 2 is the meta description

You can read more information about both of these by following the links above.


Sometimes Google will tailor the text that's shown in these 2 sections according to what the user has searched for so sometimes the text you enter for the title tag or meta description won't be shown here.

Site links

Sometimes, Google will also show what are called 'site links' for particular pages. You can read more about site links at

You don't have any control over whether Google does or doesn't show site links in their search results for one of your pages. However if they are showing site links you can 'demote' a site link if you want to (instructions are present in the link above on the Google website).