How do I create breadcrumb navigation?

Breadcrumb navigation is small links (usually in the top left of each page) placed on your website's pages that allow the users to see how they've landed on the page they're currently viewing and go back a step without clicking the 'back' button on their browser.

An example of breadcrumb is shown above. In the example, we're currently viewing the page 'ARC SLIM DRESS' but we've also been on the home page and the 'for women' page.

Most of our themes contain breadcrumb navigation on at least some of the pages but if your theme doesn't have it, and you want to add it in, you'll need to add it by editing your website's theme files.

You may not feel comfortable in editing the HTML of your pages so if you prefer we can add it in for you (there maybe an additional cost for this), please contact us.