How do I download my newsletter subscriptions?

Please Note!

If you have setup your newsletter form to populate directly into MailChimp or a similar provider, then you won't be able to download subscribers to your newsletters through your account.

You can download the email addresses for everyone who has subscribed to your newsletters (and customers who have indicated they want to receive marketing communications from you) by following these instructions.

1. Click 'marketing' from the left hand menu and then 'newsletter subscribers'.

2. A list of your subscribers will then be displayed.

There's a 'download all' button in the top right, click this.

3. The subscribers to your newsletter will then be downloaded in a spreadsheet (csv) file to your computer's hard drive.

4. Once you've downloaded your subscribers you'll see another button labelled 'download recent'.

You can click this button to only download new subscribers. The last time you downloaded is shown on the left hand side of the button.