How do I feature categories on my website's home page?

Most of our themes contain space for what are known as 'featured categories'. Featured categories are shown on the home page of a website, like in the example below.

You'll need to refer to the notes for your theme to see how many featured categories it has.

Choosing your featured categories

1. To make a category a featured category you'll need to click through to the categories section of the management system and click to edit the category.

2. Scroll down to the 'is this a featured category' section

3. Tick the 'Yes' tick box.

4. Save your changes

5. Check on your website to make sure that the change has been processed.

Not working?

If you've made a category a featured category, but it isn't showing on your website, then it might not be displaying because your theme doesn't have a space for featured categories. Alternatively you may already have a featured category selected taking up the new category's 'slot', so you'll need to deselect that first.