How do I refund an order?

To refund an order (or part refund an order) first you'll need to navigate to the individual order in the management system.

Scroll down to the 'order management' section and select 'refunded' (or your corresponding order status) from the drop down list.

If you want to send an email update to the customer telling them that their order has been refunded, you should also tick the box indicated below.

Then click to save your changes.

If you don't want the order to show up in your order totals you'll also need to add in a refund for it in the 'refunds' section (beneath the order status section) as shown in the example below.

Click the 'add refund' button when you are done.

Please Note!

If you are using the PayPal or Braintree payment gateways then refunding an order in your account will also refund the payment to the customer's card.

If you are using any other payment gateway you'll need to refund through your payment gateway account.