How to setup a holding page

A holding page is a temporary front cover for your website (usually displaying your logo and some 'coming soon' text).

It's used in case you're not quite ready for your website to go live yet or want to take it down for a period of time (for whatever reason).

Here's an example of a holding page...

When you activate your website's holding page if any visitor goes to the home page of your website they won't see the normal home page, they'll see the holding page that you setup. The rest of your website's pages will still be accessible however.

You'll still be able to access the actual home page of the website by using a special URL. This is displayed on the holding page area in your account.

Setting up your holding page

Select 'themes' from the left menu and then 'holding page'.

Click to switch the holding page on (as shown on the screenshot below).

Upload your logo or image that you'd like to display on your holding page by clicking the 'choose file' button and selecting the file from your computer's hard drive.

Finally if you want to display some text beneath your logo/image then you can enter this in the 'holding page text' area.

Once done, click the 'save changes' button.

Turning off your holding page

When you want to display your normal website's home page (and turn-off the holding page) then simply click the switch to turn it off and click the 'save changes' button.