I would like to use my own file icons, how do I do this?

You can use your own icons for files that you upload through the file manager, but you will need to use HTML to do so.

Firstly, you'll need to upload your files in the usual way.

Once you've uploaded a file in your account you'll be given a specific URL for the file.

This is the URL for the file on our servers.

Linking to this file with an icon requires using HTML code that looks like the below:

<a href="[URL FOR THE FILE]"><img src="[URL FOR THE ICON]"></a>

Once you've uploaded a file you will have the [URL FOR THE FILE] (indicated above).

You can then also upload the icon for the file to the file manager system to get the [URL FOR THE ICON].

Then you can create the HTML code:

<a href="//files.shopwired.co.uk/files/107112/9c97f11bc685c27800e01a789224b0dc.pdf"><img src="//files.shopwired.co.uk/files/107112/kkjy38h39248fhan3ml.png"></a>

Placing this onto a product or other page will then produce the file linked with your custom icon.