Is there a maximum file size and/or dimensions for images I upload?

The maximum size/dimensions that any image you upload to your account can be is 6000px x 6000px.

If you have images larger than these dimensions then you will need to reduce the size before uploading to your account. If you prefer to do this with computer software then we'd recommend using Adobe Photoshop. Alternatively you can use Pixlr which is a free online tool for image manipulation.

This is explained in more details on our help guide about resizing images.

The maximum file size any image uploaded can be is 4MB. If you have images larger than 4MB you should try reducing the dimensions of the image, which should also reduce the file size. You can also upload the image to a free compression tool such as TinyJPG (although there is a maximum file size of 5MB). TinyJPG can compress both JPG and PNG images without any loss of quality.

If you need further assistance in resizing your images you can contact us for support but please be aware that there will be a small charge for this service to cover our time.