Mandrill verification URL invalid

When you enter your Mandrill verification URL into your account, you may get an error message that it is invalid, as shown on the screenshot below.

If you're seeing this message you should try again.

So, go back to your email inbox and find the email from 'Mandrill Client Services'.

Open the email and find the URL that starts with http://mandrillapp...

Highlight the URL shown in the screenshot below. Make sure you highlight the full URL.

Then click CTRL + C (if you're using a Windows computer) or CMD + C (if you're using an Apple computer).

Go back to your account and paste the URL you've copied (CTRL + V on a Window's computer or CMD + V on an Apple computer) into the 'please enter the verification URL here' field.

Then click the 'save' button.

If you continue to see the error message please contact us.