My customers aren't receiving my emails, are they definitely being sent?

If you don't think that your customers are receiving emails that they should be then please check for one of the following errors:

Have you set up the email?

An email won't be sent if it hasn't been configured (and so there is no email content to send) so you'll need to check that there is content for the email set in the management system.

For order status emails click 'settings' from the left hand menu and then 'order status' and then 'order status emails'. Click on the order status to check there is content in there.

For website emails (like order notifications) click 'settings' from the left hand menu and then 'website emails'. Click on the email and check it to make sure there is content.

If there isn't content then you'll need to put some in.

Have you set an email sender?

For every email thats set you can set an email sender in your account. These are set automatically by our system but its wise to check. Click 'settings' from the left hand menu and then 'website emails' and then 'email notifications'. Click the email and make sure there is an email address in the 'email sender' field.

Could the email be going into the receiver's spam/junk box?

Its more than likely that the emails are being sent to the customer but that they are going to the spam/junk box in their email account. Ask your customer to check the spam/junk box to see if the email is there.

Get Help!

If you've checked the above and you still can't find the problem then please contact us. Please provide the email address of the recipient and the date/time that they should have received the email and we'll check our system to see if it was sent.