My customers can't redeem their reward points to a discount, why not?

If you have received a complaint that a customer cannot redeem their points at checkout then here a few things you should check before contacting us.

i) Is the customer logged into their customer account? A customer must be logged into their account before viewing the shopping basket page in order to redeem their reward points discount.

ii) Does the customer have sufficient points in their account? Reward points can only be redeemed if the customer has more reward points in their account than the 'reward points chunks' value set on your account. If you don't know what reward points chunks are please click here. To check the number of points in a customer's account please go to the 'customers' page of the management system, find the customer, click 'edit' and then you will see how many points they have.

Please Note!

If you are confident that both of these are correct and the customer should be able to redeem their points but can't then please contact us and we'll investigate the problem for you.