My bulk import is telling me there are warnings, is it safe to proceed with the import?

In order to prevent a 'bad' import, our system automatically checks your import file when you upload it to make sure that there aren't any errors.

If you are shown a 'warning message' when conducting an import then the import can proceed but there maybe problems with it. Our advice would be to check and, if possible, fix these errors before proceeding.

Here's an explanation of some of the most common warnings:

Rows were found that should only contain numbers
The following columns should only contain numbers: Price, RRP, Opening Stock, Weight, Delivery Price, Reward Points Price, Reward Points Earned With Purchase, Variant Weight, Variant Stock, Variant Reward Points Price, Variant Reward Points Earned With Purchase.

Rows were found that have data that's in the wrong format
Certain columns should only contain either 'yes' 'no' '1' or '0'. These are VAT Exclusive, Archived, Is the Product New?, Is the product a 2 for 1 product, Trade discount exclusion. If any other characters are in these columns it will generate a warning.

Product URLs should not be longer than 60 characters
A product URL can be a maximum of 60 characters. If your URLs are longer then the import will generate a warning.

Columns for meta data should not be longer than 160 characters
The Meta Keywords and Meta Description should not be longer than 160 characters

The Title Tag should not be longer than 70 characters.

We Can Help!

If you continue to experience difficulties in importing your products successfully then please contact us.