Why aren't variables I entered on my emails displaying when the customer gets the email?

If you're using variables in your order status emails in order to include automatic content (like the customer's name or order status) and they're not displaying then please run through the checks below.

1. You can only include variables that we support (these are shown at the top of the order status emails page)

These are:

You can't create your own variables, e.g. {{ customer.email }} . So make sure that you haven't created any of your own variables and are only using the 4 shown above.

2. Variables in your emails must be written exactly as we demonstrate them.

You should make sure that your variables are written as shown above. Some examples of wrongly written variables...

{{ OrderReference }}

None of the above will work - you must use the correct formatting for the variable in this case

{{ order.reference }}

3. Make sure that there is content to display. Mostly this won't be an issue, but if you're finding the tracking_url isn't displaying in your emails you should check that you have entered a tracking_url on the order management page.

Need Help?

If you've checked your order status email variables and can't identify the problem then please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.