I've created my variants for a product but they can't be selected on the product on the website, why not?

Here are a few of the most common reasons why you may not be able to select a variant on your product page.

Please note, if you have more than one drop down (as shown in the example below) you won't be able to select anything from the second (or subsequent drop downs) before you select from the first. This is normal and is how our system is designed to work.

Please take a look through the list below and contact us if you need any assistance at all.

1. You haven't configured your variants properly

In the example below you'll see that one of the drop downs doesn't have a value selected in it and just says 'select'.

Make sure that all of your drop downs have a value selected from them. If you don't need the individual variation anymore then you can delete it by clicking the delete icon.

2. You have configured the same variation twice

In the example below you'll see that the same variation (small/30cm) twice.

This can cause the system to not work correctly so please make sure you haven't got any of the exact same variations configured.

3. You have incorrect values in the price, weight or stock columns.

Make sure that you have only written numbers in the price, weight and stock columns. (The price and weight columns can also have a decimal place in them).

4. Your variations have become corrupted for some other reason

This is unlikely but if you've checked points 1-3 above and your variants are still not working correctly, it is possible that your variants on this product have become corrupted in some way. The best option is to start again.

You can either create the product again from scratch or just the variations.

To just start again with the variations click the 'delete' icons shown for all the variations and variation types (as indicated on the screenshot below), save the product and then start again.

We Can Help!

If you continue to experience difficulties in getting your variations to work properly then please contact us and we'll help you. When sending your message, please let us know the name of the product that isn't working.