Obtaining the ID of a shipping rate

Every shipping rate loaded into your account has a unique ID.

Sometimes, you may need to know the ID of a shipping rate, for example if you're creating voucher codes applicable to shipping costs through the voucher code import system.

To obtain the ID of a shipping rate, please follow the instructions below.

Select 'checkout' from the left menu of your account and then 'delivery rates'.

Open the delivery zone that contains the rate that you need the ID of and hover over the delete button (without clicking on it).

Your browser should display the URL of a page in the bottom left/right corner (as shown on the example screenshot below).

The final number, indicated in the screenshot below, is the ID of the rate.

In the example above it is 58114.

If your browser doesn't display a status bar, please check your browser settings or help guidance on how to enable it.