Reserving stock during an order

When a customer adds a product to the basket or is in the middle of placing an order, the platform will not 'reserve' their stock during the order process. If a product is low in stock or stock is likely to run out quickly then you may want the stock to the be reserved for each customer.

A setting on your account will allow you to 'reserve' the stock in a customer's basket during the order process. This means that once the user confirms their order, just before they proceed to payment, their stock will be reserved so another visitor won't be able to add that stock of products to the basket.

If the payment is not completed, the reserved stock is automatically released after 10 minutes.

Activating the feature

Select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'products'.

Change the 'would you like us to reserve the customer's stock during the order process' setting to 'yes' as indicated in the example below.