The stock update hasn't worked, what should I do?

If a stock update that you have run through (according to the instructions here) hasn't worked then here are some common reasons it might have failed and how to fix them.

1. The import file wasn't in the correct format

The stock import file you upload must be saved as a spreadsheet CSV file. If it isn't then the import won't work.

Check that the file you are uploading is a CSV file.

2. The import file doesn't contain the right column headers

The first row of your spreadsheet should contain text for each column

You may, or may not use column C (which is the column for stock alerts).

If your spreadsheet has any other texts in row 1 then it will fail.

3. The file contains references to SKUs that don't exist on your products

The import works by matching the SKU for a product/product variation with a SKU in the import file.

If you try to update stock quantities for SKUs that don't exist on your products then there is nothing to update.

4. The quantity column contains text other than a number

Each row in the 'quantity' column should only contain numbers (no words or letters are allowed). Similarly with the 'alert' column.

So values like 'Low Stock' or 'Short Supply' will cause the import to fail.

We Can Help!

If you've checked for these common errors and don't think any of them are causing your import to fail then please contact us. Please send to us the file that you are uploading along with a detailed description of how the import failed (e.g. if it is a specific SKU or SKUs then which SKUs didn't update).