What are search keywords?

Search keywords are keywords that you can attach to your product to ensure that it is shown in search results when visitors to your website search for products using the search form.

When you create your products our system automatically creates keywords for them. It bases these on the product name and any variations you have created. Search keywords (as entered by you in the management system) are additional keywords that you can enter that might be used by your visitors, but are not present in the product name or variations you have created.

Adding search keywords for products

In order to add search keywords to your products you'll need to have installed the free product search keywords APP.

1. Once you've installed the APP, when you are adding or editing a product scroll to the 'additional information' section.

2. You'll see the search keywords field for you to enter your keywords into.

3. You should enter keywords or key phrases (i.e. containing more than one word) separated with a comma, as shown in the example below

4. When you've finished, click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page.

5. Go to your website and do a quick test to make sure its working as intended.