What features do you offer for tracking visitors?

We offer a basic visitor tracking system which can be accessed through your account dashboard or by selecting 'reports' from the left menu and then 'visitors'. Our visitor tracking system will display information to you about how many page views your website has had and then some quick statistics about how many visitors have added to a product to their basket, whether they completed the purchase etc.

We would strongly advise that you use a third party tracking service to collect more detailed informaiton about visitor behaviour on your website. Some are listed below:

Google Analytics www.google.com/analytics/

Statcounter statcounter.com

Gosquared statcounter.com

No matter what provider you choose you can install the tracking code they will give you easily on your website.

Once you've created your account with one of these providers they'll provide you some tracking code. Then go to your account and click 'settings' and then 'visitor monitoring' and then 'visitor tracking'.

In the box 'visitor tracking code' place the tracking code provided (as shown on the screenshot below).