What is a restricted email address?

When a customer performs a particular action on your website like placing an order or completing your contact form, your website will generate an email to you (and to your customer).

Our system 'pretends' to send the email from the email address you set on your email notifications page in your website's settings. We say 'pretend' because the email is actually sent through our system and servers, rather than the ones that your email address uses. This is called 'spoofing'.

Unfortunately this spoofing is often used fraudulently, from spammers and other users with bad intent, and email providers don't like it.

So, for example, if you want to receive notifications of your orders to your hotmail email address and a customer completes the contact form on your website (and also has a hotmail email address), our system will send the notification of the contact form to you from your hotmail email address, to your hotmail email address. The hotmail system will detect the email sender is spoofed and fail to deliver the email to you.

Unfortunately, there's no way around this problem.

Please note that this only affects you if you have listed your email notifications to be sent from a particular email address, not your recipient email address.

Our warning message

If we have detected that you will be affected by this problem then you'll see the notice below on your account dashboard.

When you navigate to the email notifications page in your account, you'll see warning symbols again the affected email address settings.

You should change the email address for each email that you see this warning icon for, to an email address that isn't one of the restricted email providers listed below.

If you haven't already done so, we'd recommend you purchase a custom domain name for your website as soon as possible.

Affected email providers

We have identified the following email providers as being affected by this problem. Other email providers might also be affected that are not shown on this list.