Why isn't a link list I've created showing on my website anywhere?

When you create a new link list it isn't automatically displayed on your website. Instead it has to be linked to the website files.

If your new link list is to replace an existing link list

If you've created a new link list and you want the new link list to replace an existing link list used on your website, then you can match up the link list using the theme editor.

Click 'themes' on the left hand menu and click the 'theme settings' link.

Next scroll to the link lists section.

When your theme was built it was built with predefined spaces for menus. In your theme settings you can select a link list for each of these spaces from the drop down lists.

Above each drop down list is the place for the link list (in the example above its called the 'Footer' link list - which means its shown in the bottom section of your website).

Select the new link list you have created from the drop down list and click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page.

If your new link list is for an entirely new menu

If you've created a new link list because you want to add an entirely new menu somewhere then you won't be able to match it up with a link list space (as described in the instructions above). Instead you'll need to add in the link list manually directly into the theme files.

To do so you'll need to use the page editor.

If you don't feel confident using the theme editor then please contact us and we'll do it for you (there maybe a charge for this service).