Why isn't a product showing in a category when it should be?

If you're viewing a category and expect a product to be showing but it isn't, here are some common reasons this might be.

1. The product isn't assigned to the category

Sorry yes this is an obvious one but please do check that the product is actually assigned to the category (you can check this by editing the product and scrolling to the categorisation section).

2. The product isn't active

Check that the product is 'active'. If the product isn't active then it won't display anywhere on the website. You can check if a product is active by clicking 'products' from the left menu in your account. If there is a tick in the active tick box then it is active, if there's no tick it isn't.

We Can Help!

If you've checked and you still think the product should be showing somewhere where it isn't then please contact us. In your message, please include the product name and the category that you expect it to display in.