An introduction to bulk discounts

Bulk discounts are a way of providing discounts to your website visitors for purchasing in bulk from you.

There are 2 types of bulk discounts:

• Discounts that apply across multiple purchases of different products
• Discounts that only apply for multiple purchases of the same product

Discounts that apply across different products are setup as a percentage discount from the normal price. For example you may set a bulk discount that applies across all products within a particular category, where if the customer buys more than 10 they get 10% off.

Where you set a discount that applies for multiple purchases of the same product, you can set a specific price, e.g. if the customer buys more than 10 of a product they buy it for £x each.

When creating a discount you can setup different discounts for different quantities, for example if a product is normally £9.50 to purchase you could setup discounts like the below.

Quantity Purchased Item Price
2 - 4 £9.00
5 - 8 £8.50
9 - 14 £8.00
15+ £7.50

You can restrict which customers get bulk discounts by following the instructions here.

How do you create bulk discounts?

Help guides are available at the links below that describe the process for discounts across different products and discounts for purchases of the same product.

Percentage discounts (across different products)

Fixed price discounts (for the same product)