Importing and exporting bulk discounts via spreadsheet upload

You can upload bulk discounts for individual products using the import system.

This can only be done if you have assigned SKU codes to your products or to their variations (if you want to specify bulk discounts for variations).

Your import spreadsheet will need to contain 4 columns:

Quantity From
Quantity To


In this column you need to enter the SKU code of the product or the product variation you are creating the bulk discount for.

Quantity From

In this column you need to enter the quantity from figure (numbers only) that the visitor needs to have in their basket to qualify for the discounted price.

Quantity To

In this column you need to enter the quantity to figure (numbers only) that the bulk discount applies up to.


In this column you should enter the price for the product. It should be the price for an individual quantity of the product.

You will now have something that looks like the screenshot below

In this example the following bulk discounts apply:

For the product SKU101

Purchasing between 4 - 8 costs £4.95 per item
Purchasing between 9 - 14 costs £3.95 per item
Purchasing between 15 - 23 costs £3.50 per item
Purchase over 24 costs £3.25 per item

For the product SKU102

Purchasing 5 or over costs £9.95

For the product SKU103

Purchase 5 of the item costs £2.95

Saving the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet needs to be saved as a CSV file. If you are using an Apple Mac computer then you must save the file as a 'Windows Comma Separated (.csv)'.

If the spreadsheet isn't saved as a CSV then when it's uploaded it won't process.

Uploading your spreadsheet

Navigate to the import/export page of the management system by selecting 'products' from the left menu and then 'product import/export'.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'choose file' button in the 'import your bulk discounts' section. Then click the 'upload & process your import' button.

If your file is large please be patient whilst the file processes.

Additional information

The import system for bulk discounts will always create new discounts for your products and variations. It cannot be used to overwrite or delete existing bulk discounts.

Exporting your bulk discounts

To take an export of your product's current bulk discounts navigate to the product import/export system page (by selecting 'products' from the left menu and then 'product import/export') and then click the 'create your export' button in the 'export your current bulk discounts' section.