Digital file delivery

Once the order of a digital product is confirmed (i.e. successful payment is made), an automatic email will be sent to the customer with links to each of the files in the order.

The content of the email can be edited through the website emails settings in your account. The name of the email is 'digital download confirmation'. Sample content is already configured in your account.

Two twig variables are available in the email to output the details about the files.

{% for file in files %}
    {{ }} ~ {{ file.url }}
{% endfor %}

{{ }} will display the name of the digital file.

{{ file.url }} will display the URL of the digital file.

Within the customer account

If the customer has a registered account, they will be able to login and access details about the order they have placed.

By default, we do not include links to digital files in the customer account area of your website, but these links are available by adding the necessary twig code for them to display.

You can find out the twig code you need to use at the bottom of this page.

We Can Help!

Adding the twig code to display links to digital files requires some experience with HTML. If you need assistance with this please contact us (a small charge may be made for our time).